Brotherly love is awesome

Hello everyone:

I wanted to share a story I heard in church this past Sunday. It was told during a sermon on the love between David and Jonathan. I hope you will enjoy it.

Johnny and Arthur were brothers who were young men at the time of the Vietnam Conflict. They were in different branches of the service; Johnny was sent to Vietnam while Arthur was still in training. During the second World War, many families had lost numerous sons, so the United States government decided that, from that time on,  two sons from the same family would not serve in a  combat zone at the same time.

Johnny was in Vietnam, having almost completed his first tour of duty when he realized that Arthur was headed there as soon as he (Johnny) left the country. Well, Arthur was a very talented young man and Johnny hated the thought that his little brother would go through some of the terrible things that he had experienced while serving, so Johnny went to his commanding officer to request that he be allowed to serve a second tour, so that his kid brother would not have to go. Permission was granted.

The really good news of this story of brotherly love is that Johnny did make it home safely and Arthur was sent to Germany, where he served his country in a much safer place. Arthur later went on to great success in the world. You may have heard of him: Arthur Ashe. Because of his brother’s sacrifice, Arthur was not injured or killed in Vietnam, but went on to thrill the world of tennis with his great gifts.

What story of sacrificial love have you heard lately? I would love to hear from you!


Dr. Sheri

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