Knowing when to slow Mom or Dad down

Hello everyone:

I have a dear friend whose mother is in her 90s…..well into her 90s. We used to take her mother out to eat frequently, but my friend realized recently that going out a lot really tired her mother. While my friend would love to hang out with me, going out and about on  a regular basis, she realized the toll it was playing on her mom. We simply could not keep going about with “business as usual.”

The sad thing is that we really enjoyed getting together……so, an alternative solution was put into place. Instead of our going to lunch or dinner, I go over to her house and visit with the two gals. Her mother is free to sleep or rest in her chair, and my friend and I get to have quality time with one another. It is not necessarily the activity we would chose, but it works and is a lot of fun.

We chat, watch the latest show from the BBC, or could do her most recent puzzle. Care givers have a real burden but there is a way to make their jobs easier, just by being there. How do you deal with the aging of a beloved family member? Do you have any suggestions for care givers, so that the quality of their own lives is enriched by your contribution? I would love to hear from you!


Dr. Sheri

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