How do you eat healthy?

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Today’s blog is about how to eat healthy if you are alone. Sometimes it seems like too much effort to eat food that’s good for you, especially when the fast food companies are filling the airwaves with delicious-looking-but-horrible-for-you dinners each evening.

You are just sitting there, alone, watching Jeopardy! when the ads come on and show you the most delectable food imaginable. How do you combat that? Maybe you don’t know how to cook because your dearly beloved but now departed spouse always did the cooking. How do you avoid the minefields of high calorie, low nutritionally valued food?

Have you checked out the hospital cafeteria? My dad lives near his local hospital. They have an excellent cafeteria, where the food is nutritional and amazingly inexpensive. He eats there several times a week, getting well-balanced lunches and dinners that cost him less than $5. The folks have gotten to know Dad quite well, as they also know the other widowers who visit them on a daily basis.

One of the men, when I asked him why he doesn’t learn how to cook, told me “I couldn’t make these meals for what they cost me here and I enjoy meeting other widowers for lunch and dinner.” He used the time as an opportunity for fellowship as well as a means of feeding him food that is good for his body. I realize that not all hospitals have good food, but start there.

The next place to look for healthy food is your local upscale food store. Some of them offer frozen or fresh meals that are nutritionally well-balanced. Be aware that these stores are not for the financially faint of heart! They will cost you some cash but at least you didn’t have to make the meal yourself.

Finally, learn to cook. Take classes at your community college or local kitchenware retail store. Read books on balanced nutrition and use your cooking classes to teach you how to make the dishes you read about. [Note: You might also meet Mrs. or Mr. Right at these classes!] Another option, if you live in a metropolitan area, would be to find a company that prepares healthy food and delivers it to your door.   I wish you well on your quest to locate food that is good for you and tastes good.


Dr. Sheri

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