Getting an In-Home Caregiver

Hello everyone:

A friend of mine has an elderly mother living with her family. The woman is a dear but it gets very tiring to always have to be “on duty.” My pal did not want to put her mother in a nursing home, so she found a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) who was interested in working part time.

The gal comes to her house three mornings a week, giving my friend time to do errands, chores, or to relax without having to wonder where her mom is. The CNA takes her mother out for “field trips” to local places where she thinks the elderly woman would like to visit. They go on walks, to parks, and out for lunch. The elder woman comes home happy but exhausted. This helps her sleep better and, as a result, her daughter is able to rest better at night.

Is this an option for you? You might want to look into this since it can be beneficial for all involved and is cheaper than a nursing home! I would love to hear from you, so please use my name or the name of this posting in your comments so that I will know that you are not spam.


Dr. Sheri

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