Letting go is hard to do

Hello everyone:

So, your spouse is gone….he or she is not coming back. Leaving his or her toothbrush on the bathroom counter might be comforting but what will happen if someone you are thinking about dating sees it? It screams “I am not ready for a relationship yet!!!!”

A man I once knew lost his wife when she was only 49. He ended up remarrying….her best friend. After the new wife moved into the family home, she found that her new decorating ideas were not accepted very well. In fact, every time she went to change anything, he told her, “But Annie liked it that way.” After learning that she did not dress as well as Annie, did not cook as well as Annie, and was not (in the long run) as interesting as Annie, she got the message and moved out. ¬†They were later divorced.

If you are considering moving on, please make sure that you are ready by getting rid of your wife’s (or husband’s) toiletries. Toiletries only last so long and then you really need to say “so long” to the toiletries. Finding a bottle of congealed formerly-liquid foundation is not at the top of anyone’s decorating list. Used eye liner gets really nasty looking after a few months and a hairy hairbrush is rather morbid, don’t you think?

If you remember that episode of House, M.D. where Wilson finally washes the mug Amber used, you will have the right idea here. I would love to hear your stories about moving on. Please share them with me- who knows, they might end up in my next book! When you comment, please use my name in your posting so that I won’t think you are spam!


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