Bats in the Belfry (or in the bedroom)

Hello everyone:

How do you cope with unexpected visitors in your house? I have a story to tell you about an unwanted house guest: a bat.

It was in the middle of the night (2:30 am) on a Monday when a bat landed on our bed, right between my new husband and me. It took off when we reacted to its presence, heading for my son’s bedroom. My hubby scared it out of my little boy’s room, and it immediately took a turn into our only bathroom.

It landed on a box of tissues; my hubby threw a towel over the box and told me to open the window and punch out the screen. I did as he requested and soon the towel-draped tissue box (complete with the bat) was sailing through the open window. As the bat landed outside, we closed the window behind it.

If you wish to avoid nocturnal visits from critters, make sure that any holes your house has to the outside world are plugged. We went over that old house with a fine-tooth comb, making sure it was sealed against any future invasions!

Do you have any similar stories? I would love to hear from you! Please use my name in your reply, so that I know you aren’t spam (I’ve been getting a lot of that lately!).


Dr. Sheri

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