Toilet bowl problems and how to resolve one of them

Hello everyone:

Have you ever had the handle of your toilet pop up and take on a life of its own? You know how that looks- the handle is all caddywampus and looks as if it will leap up on top of the toilet tank any moment. What do you do? Here is the fairly quite remedy of how to fix it:

Do not scream at it; the handle has merely become loose. Pick up the lid of the toilet tank, and set is aside. Hold onto the recalcitrant handle with  your left hand while reaching into the toilet tank with your right. There is a white plastic ring just inside the tank, attached to the handle. You need to get that tightened down so that the handle is once again flush (no pun intended) against the tank.

Normally, we say “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy” but that might not be the case here. Tighten the white plastic ring so that the handle is drawn back against the toilet tank snugly, no matter which direction you need to turn the ring on your particular toilet. Once the handle is no longer sagging, you have fixed the problem and are ready to return the tank lid to its rightful place.


Dr. Sheri


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