Traveling tips for the newly-single

Hello everyone:

A very good friend of mine shared some traveling tips and I wanted to pass them along to you, in case you want to go on an unexpectedly-unmarried-now trip.  She has a friend in the military who told her about these ideas.

When packing clothing such as dress shirts and pants, put the pants in the bottom of the suitcase, with the legs sticking out the ends (you are draping your pants out the top of the suitcase, down along the bottom, and then up and out the bottom of the suitcase).  Fold your dress shirts in half long ways and then drape them in the suitcase, as well. Add your flattened undergarments on top of the clothes which are laying neatly inside the bottom. Then alternate, folding the parts of the clothes sticking out the top and bottom back across the clothes that are along the bottom of the case. This will result in no wrinkles when you arrive at your destination. Remove the clothing and hang it up right away.

If you are carrying knit clothing, fold it longways and then roll it up. You should find that it usually does not wrinkle, but if it does, hang it up and the wrinkles should fall out.

I hope you have a good journey. For some airport traveling tips, please see my other blogs.


Dr. Sheri


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