Myths about burial at sea

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I was talking to someone the other day about burial at sea, as opposed to land-based burials. I thought you might enjoy the fruits of my research.

A friend told me that some World War II veterans made pre-need arrangements to be buried at sea. My research confirmed that, yes, those types of arrangements did indeed happen, but my friend also mentioned that some of the caskets the men were placed in floated away from the ships after being sent into the sea. He told me that the sailors had to shoot bullets at the caskets to get them to sink.

Sorry folks, the information I uncovered stated that caskets must contain 40 to 60 holes before they are discharged from the ship. The articles I read did not say how the holes were to be placed there, but nothing I read stated that anyone ever fired on caskets as they went on their way. If folks do not wish to be in a casket for burial at sea, they can be placed in a weighted shroud. The main idea is to make sure that the body sinks and does not resurface. You don’t want to know what happens next!

If you are aware of anything like the bullet-holes story, can you please let me know? I am including this topic in my second book, Suddenly Single for Married Couples: A Practical Guide to Hoping for the Best but Preparing for the Worst, and would love to include your thoughts in the book.


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