Changing a Light Bulb for the Uninitiated

Hello everyone:

At our house, light bulb changing is the domain of my husband. However, it is vital that everybody knows how to complete this task as well, or they may be left in the dark someday.  Please use the right size light bulb for the fixture. Do not touch the metal thingy as you replace the light bulb or you may need an electrician (or an ambulance). Make sure the light bulb is cool to the touch before removing it and turn the power off before you change it. Getting shocked is no fun.  There are YouTube videos on how to do this, so find the one that matches your fixture the closest before you do anything.  That way, you can  learn from someone who is actually doing it to a lighting fixture that is like yours.

You might prefer to not ask me how to do it. The last time I performed this task, the light bulb I used was the wrong size and my finger touched the metal thingy on the light bulb. I received a nasty electric shock and blew the lighting fixture to kingdom come. It was not a pleasant experience, so check out information on completing this task. The good news is that I am still among the living; the bad news is that the light fixture is not.


Dr. Sheri

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