Everybody needs a “dirt” in his or her life

Hello everyone:

Yes, I am advocating for dirt today! Actually, this is someone nicknamed “Dirt”- no actual dirt is involved.

A friend of mine lost her hubby many years ago. She had a big house and no idea of how to maintain it. Through a friend of her daughter’s, she became acquainted with a handyman whose name her daughter misunderstood. She thought her mother called him “Dirt,” so the name stuck to this day.

He does everything around her house, which is a real blessing to her. He puts up the Christmas tree each year (and takes it down). He decorates her yard beyond belief- and that’s just at Christmastime. He does any and all repairs (small or large), tells her when something needs to be done (or will need to be done in the future), and coordinates the ongoing maintenance of her home.

This man is priceless! If a gal cannot do home maintenance herself, she needs to hire a “Dirt” for herself. I understand that some women do not have the financial wherewithal to hire someone full time, but getting a trustworthy handyman to come in and take a look at what you need to have done around your home can save you money in the long run. It’s better to have your own “Dirt” tell you that something needs fixing before it breaks down (and things usually do this at the most inconvenient time possible!).

It has been worth every penny she has ever paid him, from the peace of mind of knowing that the house is in god hands, to having the work done in a timely manner. Dirt, as you see, can be a very good thing indeed!


Dr. Sheri

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