Freedom from remarriage for widows and widowers

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Today’s blog is an excerpt from my second book, Suddenly Single for Married Couples: A Practical Guide to Hoping for th eBest but Preparing for the Worst. I hope you enjoy it!

Gentlemen, one of the greatest gifts you can give your wife is the freedom not to have to remarry after your demise. One of my church friends is a widow whose hubby very suddenly died of a heart attack during a family vacation. He was only in his 60s and was in relatively good health, otherwise. She and the rest of the family were in shock. To his credit, he provided very well for her and she has been able to live comfortably on the insurance money and investments he had for 20+ years. Some widows are not so fortunate and have no choice (other than poverty) to remarry quickly. Instead, she is able to maintain her household, help her grown children as need be, and travel modestly when she desires. For a short time, she dated three men at the same time, going to stamp club with one, the morning church services with another, and sitting with the third man at evening services. When I asked her if she planned to marry one of them, she replied, “Why would I do that? When I get tired of whoever I am with, I send him home.” Two of the men since then died; the stamp club fellow moved to Florida. It’s nice to know that she has not been forced into remarriage due to finances.

According to the Huffington Post blog the Savvy Senior, remarriage can affect your estate planning because the new spouse may be entitled to a percentage of your estate- as much as one-third to one-half- unless you have a prenuptial agreement (para. 2). You will also be responsible for paying for your new spouse’s long-term care and medical bills (para. 3). Remarrying can also influence the collection of your former spouse’s Social Security (para. 5), pension benefits (para. 6), alimony (para. 7), and college aid for your children (para. 8). These are financial matters that must be taken seriously.


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