Cash Stashers

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Do you know anyone who stashes cash at their home? A friend’s elderly grandfather grew up during the depression and he didn’t trust banks. As a result, he kept a great deal of money at his house. One day when she was vacuuming, he told her to be careful around the drapes. When she asked why, he told her that he had money pinned to the bottom of the inside of the curtains. He also had additional money hidden throughout the house but he refused to say exactly where it was. When he died, he still hadn’t told anyone. His wife and family never did locate the hidden stash. At last check, it was still hidden. He was a good hider (and good at keeping secrets)! If you are hiding money, make sure that someone in your family knows where it is or the money could be lost to your family forever.

When cleaning out my aunt’s house, we discovered money hidden in magazines. She also grew up during the depression and realized it was important to have money in case the banks were not open. We also found death certificates in old magazines, so be very careful when going through an older person’s belongings.

In our family lore, there is the story of our finding a loaf of bread that never made it into the kitchen. She apparently got distracted as she walked into her house and left her groceries on the bed in the front bedroom. Years later, we found it. Did you know that, left long enough to its own devices, a sliced loaf of bread will congeal back into a solid mass? It isn’t edible at that point, by the way. Thankfully, the rest of the groceries were cans of beans, which she really loved.  The cans had expired and exploded, but they thoughtfully did that inside the bags.  My precious great aunt was not fond of housekeeping, or she might have found them before they…..passed on.


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