A funny story for caregivers

Hello everyone:

A friend of mine is a caregiver for his brother who has mental problems (mildly retarded and a paranoid schizophrenic). One day, my friend’s wife was entertaining some friends in the downstairs living room ¬†while her brother-in-law was preparing to take a shower upstairs. He couldn’t find a towel, so he walked into the gathering to ask the wife where the towels were. The thing was, he was not wearing any clothes. He did not seem the least put out by his lack of garments, but the ladies sitting in their pastor’s home were rather embarrassed. (Yes, my friend is a pastor!)

What did she do? Well, she helped him return to the bathroom and gave him the towel he needed. From then on, my friend and his wife made sure that the brother had a showering schedule that did not coincide with a visit from the church ladies, and they made certain that everything was in its rightful place when shower time arrived.

My hat is off to those of you dear readers who provide care for a disabled family member. Your burden is great; one day, your reward will be be great, as well. Do any of you have a story you would like to share? I am in the process of writing book number two in the Suddenly Single series and would love to include your story in the book, as well.


Dr. Sheri

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