Rushing in where angels fear to tread

Hello everyone:

Have you known someone who seemed to hurry too fast into his or her next relationship? I know a man who, when he got divorced, remarried the same day his divorce was final. The new marriage failed, but he remarried very quickly. It seemed as if he was in too big a hurry to get remarried to take the time to get to know his potential spouse.

Another friend-of-a-friend was widowed, remarried an old girlfriend a few months later, and came to regret the fact that he really did not know the old girlfriend as well as he thought. Apparently, anyone can fool you into thinking they are someone they are not for at least a short period of time.

One of my divorced business friends met a guy in a bar and married him three weeks later. He swept her off her feet, and eventually swept away with a lot of her money.

This is not to say that fast marriages don’t work. One of the couples I know from church married 13 days after they met and have been happily married for 64 + years. My own parents met on a blind date, got engaged three days later, married seven months later, and were happy together for 67 1/2 years (my mother died).

What do you think of marrying quickly? Has it worked out for you? What advice would you give someone who is considering “rushing in where angels fear to tread?” I would love to hear your thoughts.


Dr. Sheri

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