Moving with little ones

Hello everyone:

Have you ever moved with little kids? Let me tell you my pre-divorce moving story.

My son was 2 1/2 when his father moved out and moved on with his life. When my son was almost four, I decided to buy a condo and move out of the apartment I had been renting. I was packing for the upcoming move when he said to me, “But Mommy, if you move, who will live with me?”

It about broke my heart- I hadn’t realized that he didn’t understand that he was coming along as well. I took him in my arms and explained about the new bedroom that he would have in our new home, and asked for his help in packing up his toys. I had originally planned to hire a sitter for the moving day, but, with his insecurity, I cancelled the sitter and put him “in charge” of moving his toys. He could not have behaved better! As a result of his involvement, there were no problems with his adjustment to the new residence.

It is so vital that we  communicate with our kids, no matter their age. What moving stories do you have? I would love to hear how you handled this type of change in your life.


Dr. Sheri

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