Suddenly Single is expanding

Hello everyone:

Suddenly Single is currently with several publishers, who are considering putting the book into print. I would covet your prayers for the right match at the right time, which will be God’s perfect will for the book.

In the meantime, I am beginning work on a new book, which is Suddenly Single for Married Couples: A Practical Guide to Hoping for the Best but Preparing for the Worst. I would love to include your knowledge in the book. The book comes from the viewpoint that there are many things that a married couple can do to prepare for the inevitable: that one or both of the partners will not be here sometime in the future. I would love to include your experience, your story, and your thoughts. If you know of something that might help others, would you please send me a reply posting? Thanks ever so much! (Your name and identifying details will not appear in the book).


Dr. Sheri


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