Trying to get service when your spouse was the one on the account

Hello everyone:

Yesterday, my Internet service failed. When calling the wonderful folks at BHN, I was connected with a young man who was blessed with horrid diction, a soft-spoken manner, and a rapid-fire delivery. Things went downhill from there.

After a few minutes of attempting to interpret what he was saying, I came to realize that he was asking for my husband’s security questions or the last four digits of my hubby’s driver’s license. I had neither. The thing is, I do not sign on the account, and the service man assumed the worst in my request to get Internet service restored to the condo. I do not know what he thought I planned on doing, but apparently it wasn’t good.

Things continued to deteriorate as he basically inferred that I was the source of the problem. Somehow, I had managed to interrupt my own Internet service……but it was unclear what I had done to cause this. ¬†After about 15 minutes of increasing frustration, I hung up. Immediately, I got a call from BHN, asking me to answer a brief survey. Oh, did I have things to tell them!

After answering their questions and re-living my frustration over the experience, I (still Internet-less) called them back. This time, I was connected with a fantastic fellow named Stan whose greatest desire was to return my Internet service. He wanted no driver’s license number or security questions; he merely wanted to serve my Internet needs. Bless his heart! We were up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Have you ever faced a similar problem? I would love to hear about your experiences.


Dr. Sheri

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