What determines beauty?

Hello everyone:

What do you think makes someone beautiful? Is it the inner glow or a well-turned makeup and hair job? Do you think it is the combination of these internal and external things? Sometimes when women are divorced, with hubbies who left them for someone younger or prettier, they feel badly about themselves.  I hope this blog will make you feel better as we talk about what happened to me a short time ago.

Recently, I attended a conference where a friend of mine was going to give a presentation. Someone else had the room right before she did, so we entered and sat in the back, waiting for her turn. As it happened, the previous speaker was a radical feminist who was sharing her view of the world.

When the workshop was over, my friend and I headed for the front of the room, to get things ready for her presentation. The feminist cornered me and said, “I just want you to know that you don’t need to dye your hair anymore. You can stop curling your hair and you should dump that silly flower. You can stop wearing makeup and you don’t need jewelry or fancy clothes anymore. Wear jeans and T-shirts and be comfortable.”

Before I could respond, she went on her way. Now folks, your author is someone whose theme song as a child was “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” If you have seen my picture on the Suddenly Single website, you should know that I do not go out of the house without my hair done, my makeup on, and my “silly flower” firmly planted in my hair. I wear jewelry, though not to excess, and try to always look my best. Why? Because I feel better about myself when I do it. This is not something I started or stopped based on my marital status, it is simply what I have always done.

What do you think about the feminist’s comments to me? How would you have responded? I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Dr. Sheri

P.S. Yes, I dye my hair. My former pastor always said, “If the barn needs painting, paint it.” I choose to use brown paint. I also always wear a flower in my hair. Do you know the secret of that? Hot glue or plant early.

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