New ads that do not help you as a divorcee

Hello everyone:

I was driving back from the mall today when I heard an ad that I could not believe. It was for a male enhancement drug center that wanted to help men who were, apparently, cheating on their wives. It went something like this: They asked if the men in the audience were in a situation where they wanted to get intimate with someone, but they realized that things were not working well downstairs (to put this as delicately as possible). They then asked the audience, “So who are you going to talk about this with? Your wife????”

I could only imagine that conversation” “Hey honey, I was with Susie the other day and……..” After laughing out loud for a few minutes, it came to me that many women are in exactly that situation. It wasn’t funny any more, it was incredibly sad. It is a sad statement ¬†on our society when an ad like that one could air on the radio and no one (except me and maybe some of you) would find it strange.

It is almost as bad as the television ad one of my students showed during her speech yesterday. The ad was for makeup and one of the models for the product was a cross-dressing man. I gasped, “That’s a man!” and one of the students turned to me and said, “That’s the new normal.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you feel that these ads are simply part of “the new normal,” or were you as horrified as I was?


Dr. Sheri

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