Writing your first Christmas letter as a newly-single person

Hello everyone:

It’s that time of year and you need to decide if you are going to write your usual Christmas letter. Here are a few suggestions for doing it, if you chose to share recent happenings with family and friends:

Please try to stay upbeat, as much as possible. Yes, you need to share the news with friends who may not know your situation, but you need to be positive in the midst of tragedy. [Translation: tell me that your spouse is gone or has died but don’t tell me the details of the final illness or how he or she walked out on you as if it was the “get out of my house” scene between Charles and Helen in Diary of a Mad Black Woman.] If I am a very close friend, I already know what happened.

Please share fond memories of your lost spouse. Do you remember the time…..? What did you do when …………………happened? What happened the time you went to…….. and how did you both respond to that incident?  How did you meet your spouse?

Please share how life has changed this past year. I know a widower who has taken advantage of the opportunity to travel, now that his very beloved wife who was so ill is gone. He visits family and friends who he hasn’t seen in a long while and is a real blessing in the midst of his sorrow. Share with me about any trips you have taken and how the kids and grandchildren are.

Please tell me about any plans you have for the coming year. You have something to look forward to- what is it? Remember that, as someone who is close enough to be receiving this letter, I care about you. I have been praying for you and want to hear that you are coming through this difficult time.



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