Christmas gifts when money is tight

Hello everyone:

Sometimes we think that a lot of money is needed for Christmas gifts. While it would certainly come in handy, here are a few suggestions that cost little or no cash:

Are you a good painter with a friend or family member who needs a room painted? Offer to do the manual labor, if he or she will buy the supplies.

Are you a great cook? Offer to create a wonderful meal, if your friend will buy the ingredients.

Can you sew or do clothing repair? Bring your sewing machine if need be, and do the work for your fumble-fingered friend. If you do counted cross stitch or embroidery, it can be a great gift to present your loved one with handmade Christmas ornaments.

Does your family member have limited time and a house in need of cleaning? Offer your services, being careful to not hurt the other person’s feelings by suggesting that the house is in need of work.

Can you make up a coupon good for free babysitting or dog walking?  If the friend has a terminally ill family member, can you offer to watch the sick person for a few hours so that your friend can take a break?  I know folks with special-needs children who haven’t been able to attend church in years. What a wonderful gift for you to take over on a Sunday morning or evening.

I would love to hear some of your ideas for Christmas on a tight budget!



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