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Today I would like to talk to you about changing the bag in your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners sometimes contain bags that hold the junk they pick up; they need to be changed frequently. If the cleaner does not have a bag (this is known as a “bagless vacuum”), it will, in the very least, need to be dumped out.

If you have a cleaner with a bag, please do not attempt to re-use the bag; throw it away, along with all of the allergens it contains. Follow the instructions that came with the cleaner, but here are some tips that are vital for either type of cleaner:

Put the used bag or the contents of the cleaner into a plastic bag (like the ones you get at the food store) and tie it shut immediately.

Do not change the bag or empty the contents of the vacuum  when standing over a white carpet; do not keep the cleaner plugged in while you change the bag.

Do not change the bag or dump out the contents while standing outside in a strong wind.

Do not change the bag or dump the contents while you are near an air conditioning or heating vent.

Why not? Because the breeze that these sources of air provide may send dust flying all over the room.

Make sure that you install the replacement bag correctly. If you have a bagless model, make sure that you re-install the vacuum’s container correctly. One time when I was working on my Dad’s vacuum, I re-installed the container wrong; the vacuum would not pick anything up and it happily scattered the dust it still had inside all over the room I was in. I was not amused.

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