Caregivers need to take a break sometimes

Hello everyone:

One of the greatest needs that caregivers have is the need to take care of themselves. You absolutely have to be able to take a break. A friend of mine and her hubby have cared for her mother in their home for more than four years. The elderly woman is in great health and is very sweet, but she has signs of dementia and has to be watched. All the time.

What can a caregiver do? One thing my friends have done is to drop the mother off with friends who own an assisted-living home twice a week for a few hours. It makes such a difference in the quality of their own lives. They have a few hours two times a week to run errands, go to their own appointments, take a nap, or go out with friends to see a movie.

The hubby of this couple is a skin diving enthusiast. He schedules an occasional dive trip to get exercise and to relieve some of the stress from the daily responsibilities they face. She recently went on a sightseeing trip with a longtime friend. They have each coped in their own way, but the key was to find a way to get a little time off. I hope that you can also find a way to get this much-needed time for yourself as you deal with the situation your loved one is facing at this time of life.



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