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Hello everyone:

Today I am going to share some organizational tips with you. A calendar is a great tool for keeping things straight. While some folks swear by their cellphone calendar, I am a personal fan of the old-fashioned printed calendar. My schedule is hectic and it is really nice to have something that will never crash, does not need to be in cellphone tower range, and does not require any electricity.

I shared the use of my calendar during┬ámy college days on today, explaining how I made it through four degrees while being active in my church, homeschooling, and running a small decorating business. These days, I teach at three colleges and must keep each college’s dues dates and assignments straight. The calendar works great for that, as well. Maybe you don’t have three jobs to keep track of, but you may appreciate being able to track your various activities, family plans, work obligations, and church events in a simple yet effective way. Get out your traditional calendar and mark it up, color coding the activities based on what type of activity it is.

Another use of the calendar is to track when various tasks need to be done. Keep your smoke detector battery changes, air conditioning filter switches, and deep-cleaning activities on your calendar, making an entry on the calendar several months ahead. I have pre-scheduled hair appointments to keep the gray at bay, so I enter all hair appointments for the year in my  calendar. All trips are also placed on this document. Birthdays and anniversaries are also noted.

The calendar is kept at my computer, opened to the current month. The calendar is in a stand that sits upright, so it is never covered up. I have a smaller duplicate month-at-a-glance calendar in my purse.

I hope this helps you get your activities organized and that it helps relieve some stress you may otherwise be feeling.


Dr. Sheri

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