Hello everyone:

Have you got a mouse in your house? Sometimes it is easy to tell because you find small “deposits” – we call them “turds” in our house. The upside is that, if you use peanut butter on a mouse trap, the critters seem to like it. The bad news is that you still have to get rid of the trap and the deceased pest when it works.

Occasionally, mice survive the entrapment, which leaves you with an injured pest…..When a mouse threatened my sanity while I was working the the garage, a mouse trap did do the trick, but only partially. My solution was to sweep the critter to the center of the garage, place a large piece of cardboard atop the invader, and run over the whole contraption with my car (the cardboard was thick and prevented damage to my tires). I then swept the entire kit and caboodle outside, where the offending critter was disposed of. Low tech, but it worked.

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