Vacuum cleaning

Hello everyone:

Today’s blog is on using your vacuum cleaner. It is best to wear shoes when using the vacuum, because stubbed toes are no fun. Also, if you roll over something wet, wearing shoes can help lessen the electric shock you might get.

When vacuuming, make sweeping motions all over the room, watching to make certain you do not miss an area of the carpet. Move small furniture pieces and vacuum under them; don’t try to move heavier items without help or you could become a candidate for hernia surgery (don’t ask!). If you want to be completely thorough, vacuum first in one direction and then vacuum perpendicular to what you just went over.

Do not vacuum too close to the drawstrings of curtains, unless you want to remove the curtains from the wall. [There are easier ways of removing curtains!] Move the drawstrings before you vacuum nearby. Do not roll over electric cords or they might fray.

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