Preparing for that important meeting ahead of time

Hi everyone:

I heard a story many years ago about a young woman just starting out in the business world, after spending several years at home with her children. ¬†She had an interview the next morning, so she spent some time preparing her outfit for the next day. She knew she wouldn’t have time to prepare breakfast, so she made some coffee (planning to microwave it) and bought some filled donuts.

When she got up the next morning, she put on her outfit, only to have one of the kids spit up on it. She grabbed a backup outfit, but now she was running late. She nuked her coffee, grabbed a donut, and headed out the door. When she got in the car, she set the coffee on the dashboard, took a bite of the donut, and backed up. Crash! One of the kids had left his tricycle in the driveway. The mug of coffee flew off the dash and landed in her lap. She had squeezed the donut when the hot coffee hit her lap.

In another tale, a friend of mine went to a local donut shop and had breakfast. He decided to get some donuts for the office and bought a box. He started eating one of the donuts as he left the parking lot, only to realize that the filing was rancid. He threw the donut out of the window as he drove through the lot, only to notice that someone was driving by with his window down. The partially-eaten donut landed on the passerby’s face.

What is the moral of the two stories? East breakfast at home and stay away from donuts……..



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