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Today’s blog is on caulking. You might ask: what is caulking for? It serves a couple of purposed, one of which is to seal up your house to that unwanted critters can’t get in. Bugs and the like can get into your house via the smallest of openings. By making certain your house is well-sealed, you can prevent them from entering and multiplying.

Caulk also covers up a multitude of poorly-done joints, hiding the fact that two pieces of wood on the baseboard do not align exactly the way they should.

Caulk makes a nicer-looking finish, as well. It is vital that you not try to cut corners on the quality of caulk that you purchase. Get the DAP, 50-year warrantied product or you will have to re-do the job you spent hours doing with an inferior product. Poor quality means that the caulk will crack and peel a few years from now.

Follow the instructions on the tube carefully. This is a wet job and it needs to be done with care.



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