Tire changing 101

Hello everyone:

When driving in Florida this past weekend, I got a flat tire. Sadly, I do not have AAA (it’s a mere $66 per year for the basic membership). When calling the rental car company, they told me that it would cost $78 ┬áto get them to come take care of it. Happily, my brother came by and changed the tire for me, but here are some tips he gave me on how to do it:

Read the car’s Owner’s Manual and follow the directions on exactly where to place the jack (you could rip off your car’s bumper if you put it in the wrong place!).

Let the car’s weight help you loosen the bolts that hold the tire on. Loosen (but not completely) the bolts holding the tire on and then jack the car up. Finish loosening the bolts and remove the tire.

When you put the spare tire on, make sure you put it on correctly (not wrong-side out!). The Owner’s Manual should have a picture that shows how it should be placed. Tighten the bolts, using your body weight to make them tighter. When you have used all of your strength to tighten them, jack the tire back down to the ground and tighten them again. You are once again using your car’s weight to tighten the bolts.

Since you will then be driving on your spare tire, get the original tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible, since you no longer have a spare tire. Get AAA sooner rather than later, so that they can change the tire next time!



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