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Welcome to my blog on the challenges of being Suddenly Single or unexpectedly unmarried.

Today’s tip is one on preparing to move. When you lose a spouse suddenly, it can seem like a good idea to sell the house and move away from the area, but you need to take a deep breath and give this some thought. Can you afford to keep your present home for the next six months? If so, then hold on and thoughtfully consider whether or not you should relocate.

You have friends in your current location and, if you move to “be close to the kids,” what would you do if they got a fabulous job offer and it required that they move? You would be in a new area where your supportive friends don’t live and your children just left. This would add to your loneliness and sense of isolation.

Instead, if you feel you absolutely must move, wait a while and then move somewhere you want to live. Make sure that it is close to an airport so that you can visit your children a few times a year, and then go for it.



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